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February 5, 2013 Bob Dobkin

  • Inventor, with Bob Widlar, of LM317
  • Designer of LT3080
  • Chief Technical Officer at Linear Technology Inc.
I can see how it will have excellent specs and is a neat way to make a regulator.

June 24, 2022 Mike Heilman via DIY Audio

See Mike's recommendation in the Pass Labs thread at DIY Audio

January 11, 2022 Me (Brian Lowe) SC USA

About five years ago I added SPHP to my personal Hafler DH-500 power amp. This is a "legacy" class A/AB MOSFET output power amp rated at 250W per channel. We get a lot of questions about wire length and capacitors and etc. related to SPHP usage so these photos might be helpful. These photos were taken when I recently swapped out the loud two speed AC powered fan for a silent 12V gaming computer fan.

The unmodified amp runs at ±85V raw rectified DC with about 3A to give 250W per channel. Regulation with SPHP output voltage at 80V uses only 5V of overhead so the power transistors will burn only about 15W maximum at full output power. This is a testament to the low drop-out of SPHP at high currents.

SPHP DH-500 top view
Top view shows the four SPHP power transistors remotely mounted on the top of the big fan cooled heat sink. Positive IN and OUT are red wires, negative are green. All the load current goes through these wires as shown in our discussion of SPHP here. DRV to the bases are +yellow and -blue.

SPHP in Hafler DH-500
Front view shows the filter caps, fan and wiring of the power transistors to the controller boards. You can see it's okay to mount the power devices a few centimeters away from the controller boards. The controllers have 100uF output caps and power transistors have 100 Ohm resistors. I glued a sheet of plastic insulator to the bottom of the amp cover so there's no chance of shorting the transistors if something gets set on top of the closed amp.

SPHP in Hafler DH-500
Close-up view shows some detail of SPHP controller boards and, if you look closely, two switches to allow regulated or unregulated power for A/B testing.

January 03, 2022, a customer in Russia

I am using your regulators in the power supply with great success!

November 24, 2021 Mike Horoda USA

Hi... I have installed about 8 of your regulators with fantastic sonic results.

July 4, 2020 Rich M. Connecticut USA

I listened to music unto 4am last night. My LPS with the Belleson regulator replacing the stock SMPS for the Uptone Audio EtherRegen opened up a lot of inner detail that was a pleasure to discover and listen to. I appreciate all your support.

February 9, 2019 Tom R., CA USA

Hi, got your regulators. With some necessary arrangement they are installed and also to my expected disappointment they did prove me wrong. There is obvious improvement in focus and 3D aspect of sound presentation. So, thank you very much for the excellent product.
[Some background, Tom wanted to install Superpower in his Oracle CD player transport and we advised against it, because there is likely to be little benefit. He was doubtful too yet his curiosity won out and he tried it anyway and likes the result.]
Tom R. CD player

January 2, 2019 Fabio Di Pietro, Italy

I was lucky enough to be able to try out the new 78SPX Bellesons in my DAC. I have to say that for some time, I started using the belleson regulators in my projects and this has produced a leap forward in the quality of the sound. Fabio Di Pietro DAC

I used the spx78 to feed a pair of PCM1704 in a self-built dac based on a jlsounds conversion board (powered with the belleson spj). with IV conversion made by a resistance and valve output stage. The spx, have replaced a pair of belleson SPM. I was amazed at having further increased some parameters. If in this position, the simple regulators lm78xx are inserted, the sound becomes mechanical and "raw", with the 78spm, magic comes into play, everything becomes clear, smooth, sweet, dynamic, and a lot of unimaginable micro detail. As soon as I mounted the spx, I was amazed. They may seem to be wasted where they need a few mw of power but in addition to keeping all the positive aspects that were introduced by the SPM, have given more control and energy to the sound message. Fabio Di Pietro DAC SPX

I can conclude by saying thank you to Belleson that allowed me to get a preview of these jewels, The power supplies are often not considered but in reality they are the first brick of the sound chain. Fabio Di Pietro DAC

Thanks again Belleson, Fabio Di Pietro.

October 9, 2018 Lance, California USA

I have tried some simple switching supplies and a small bench linear supply, but past experience has taught me that a linear with the Jung style regulators and Cree rectifiers are much better. Your devices used in my power supplies performed extremely well and I am very please by their performance.

Both supplies working together for the PI and hat have elevated the performance to a large degree! Kudos to a great product in a small and easy to use package.

July 24, 2017 Stephan, Germany

I changed only the orginal Regulator in my Singxer SU-1 DDC with the SPZ 5V. The improvement is really Great! All is better. Dynamics, Bass, Stage. The Sound is much more stable, more Highend. Absolutely Great.

Then I change in my Power-Supply with a LT1084 only the Regulator with a SPZ17. This will supply my DAC. Great Update. More stable, fast and clean Sound with great Balance, with much more clean Air in the Sound.

I have tried the SPZ behind a LifePo4 Accu. The Sound with a TPS7A4700 was dead, no musical. With the SPZ there is more Air, more Music, enhanced dynamic and speed. A great update.

October 2, 2016 Mirek, Michigan USA

I already have one of you regs 3.3V/500mA and 5V/2A. I was impressed with 3.3V version. I used it for powering the clock. It beats some of shunts I tried at this position. I consider them as good as best shunt I have.

August 20, 2016 Two craftsmen, Sardinia

Check out this beautiful handcrafted work! It uses SPHP for filament power.

Sardinia Amp

July 12, 2016 Eduard Goewie, Netherlands

Check out Eduard's beautiful DDDAC

Metrum Acoustics DAC

February 5, 2015 James Whiting, Utah, USA

As always thanks for all your make an awesome product and have incredible customer service,

November 15, 2014 Igor, Russia

Igor replaced all regulators on his Metrum Acoustics DAC. They are mounted on a mezzanine board and wired to the main board. He said "I am finished the tweak already. All the good!"

June 5 and July 24, 2014 Lorenzo Bucci, Ancona, Italy

The Belleson regulators that I put in my Universal Audio Urei 1176 are fantastic! The noise is lowered by about 4dB ... and the response in my opinion is faster and it has more low end.

March 10, 2014 Bart T, NJ USA

I use belleson 3.3v to feed oscillators in my oppo 95 player and SP +/- 15v in Musical Fidelity X-LPS v8 phono with great results. Just installed the [new] regs in place [in Musical Fidelity 750K input section]. I'm quite pleased with result. :-)

Superpowered Musical Fidelity 750K

February 2, 2014 Matt, USA

i did some measurements with a low end usb adc which is enough to show differences in mods. saw a ~6db improvement in noise floor and imd dropped by 50%. this was from "low noise" mc7812/mc7912 and an ams 1117 5v.

Superpowered AKM4396 DAC

January 8, 2014 Anonymous in Europe

[After 6 weeks of support over email to help a complex install] you are great!!! All the positive reviews are certified to the power of "n".
Overall, a very large increase in sound quality, dynamics, better bass gradation etc. Now sound is better than the first day. For me, the most valuable is the Superpower brings music from the background. Everything is smooth with finesse and a sense of harmony. The good thing is that there is no compression, which interferes with the presentation of music and instruments, you can hear the natural sounds of different instruments.

January 2, 2014 Hans Nielsen, Denmark

i use it for my nas server the output voltage svings 11,97 – 11,98. the bass is more tight and deep, and there is more control...

December 16, 2013 Sunny Chan

Just installed the SPHV to my [preamp] using a CLCRC power that I have changed it to C SPHV C configuration. However, I don’t have sufficient vocabulary to describe it
1. The background is quieter.
2. The low and high are extended
3. More details
4. Higher density

I am totally amazed by the improvement that it brings to my preamp. Thanks a lot.

November 13, 2013 Sunny Chan

I am already a Belleson user that I am using your standard 0.5A version for my phono amp drawing 0.4A with very good result. I used to use [competitor] but Belleson gives much better resolution.

August 21,2013 Jeff Hazlett [TX USA]

Yet again the SPL17 sounds great! This one went into a phono pre-amp. Once again I thank you for the marvelous support. This is the 4th audio component that I've installed your regulators in and every one of them sounds great!

April 3, 2013 Jeff Hazlett [TX USA]

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the support. I sitting here listening to music and being thrilled by the improvement your Super Regulators have provided. I've preformed many mods but this is the best bang for the buck by far!!

March 21, 2013 John Makela [CA USA]

...there certainly are more dynamics, more stage depth and a smoother (in a good way) sound.
Thank you for all the help.

Superpower linear power supply for Logitech Squeezebox Touch

February 16, 2013 1973shovel [SC USA]

Review of a Superpower upgrade to a Graham Slee phono preamp

October 14, 2012 Steven Grabowski [CA USA]

It’s amazing how much the sound quality improved when I just did the DAC on the [Schiit] BiFrost with a superpower regulator. November 2, 2012: Thank you for all of your help. You have a customer for life and I will recommend your product [to] whoever is interested in modifying their electron[ic]s.

July 10, 2012 Carlo Hart [Italy]

this is a huge improvement over the original 7805 and a few step over the newclassd regulator. Superpowered Krell HTS

June 13, 2012 Mike [Malaysia]

I installed the Superpowers into the DAC, and been listening to music for hours and hours.
Ok, I am a believer in the Superpower regs :)

March 2012 Wayne Mastel [ND USA]

[comments from Belleson] Wayne has done some awesome work! In March he completed his McIntosh preamp upgrade including 3 SPHV regulators for the tube section and 5 SPJ regulators for the solid state sections.

The C2300 full view, see SPJ in left foreground and 1 SPHV mounted right center on a heat sink, mostly hidden by 2 capacitors.
Fully Superpowered McIntosh C2300

Rear view of tube mezzanine showing 2 SPHV with output transistors mounted via flying leads to heat sinks.
Fully Superpowered McIntosh C2300

Wayne also upgraded an Audyssey SoundEQ digital processor.
Superpowered Audyssey

February 25, 2012 Laurent Rivoire [St Andeol France]

i have bought many of your regulators, i must say i have never heard such a sound quality. unbelievable.

January 18, 2012 Jonathan Parle [NSW Australia]

Superpower regulated supply

I have been incredibly impressed with these regulators – not just for this Heed project, but also the previous ones I purchased to build power supplies for my two Project DAC Box USB devices. I am so impressed that I will now only purchase audio components that I can adapt so as to be powered using these super regulators... Your service is excellent too.

January 1, 2012 Rich Olszta [IL USA]

Superpower in Music Hall 25.3

"So I fire up my system today and have been listening for hours. Sounds great!" See Rich's discussion on his Club Polk thread here

September 3, 2011 Andrea Ciuffoli [Rome Italy]

See Andrea's modification of a Tact 2.2x preamplifier at his great audio modification site!

August 22, 2011 David Lau [Hong Kong]

I am a happy customer just wanting to make a compliments to your latest superpower regulator. I replace the [competitor] regulator with your reg which is powering the DAC section. For the first note from my sacd player, I can hear mark improvement in terms of low level information retrieval, the coherance of the music, the stability of the sound stage, and what's more important is music flows naturally with vast dynamics. The last one is an utmost achievement that any audiophile strive to achieve because most of the time we get music flow but sacrifices a little bit of dynamic or vice versa. This time the superpower hit two birds with one stone...This is truly an amazing experience for me.

July 2, 2011 audiodan [Italy]

See here and here at audioasylum

April 15, 2011 Mario Beichel [Vienna Austria]

First off thanks for developing the Superpower regs, so far I have implemented the +5V and +12V versions in my CMP transport and DIY-DAC (Analog AD1852) as digital supplies. Sound improvement is stunning – in audiophile terms the bass impact, sound stage, reverb tails are the qualities that have improved the most. You get the feeling that your ear is so close to the mastertape rolling by the tape heads, it gets spooky! ;)

April 6, 2011 Laurent Tay [Singapore]

I used the pair on my Audio Note Pre-amp, and the result is stunning! The pair brings a clean and quiet black background...after I tried some of your superb regulators, there's no going back!

January 21, 2011 Mario Beichel

Looking forward to the superregulators (I also highly recommend them to my audio friends :))

January 12, 2011 A. Shan [Hong Kong]

Superpower in Slim Devices

Sonically, I think my modded Transporter can really run with the big guns now (ie: expensive CD transports in the US$10K price range). The low jitter clocks I used (0.36ps) really demand the clean output of superpower to perform at their best...Many thanks for coming up with this innovative circuit.

October 12, 2010 Tin Onn Lee [Singapore]

SPJs in Naim SuperCap

Superpowers to replace 14 monolithic regulators in a Naim SuperCap power supply. This shows 1 of 7 heat sinks, each of which contains 2 regulators.

June 29, 2010 Larry Ho [CA USA]

  1. Technical information and communication: Simply the best!
  2. Product performance: Performed like in the specifications.
  3. Sound: Dynamics is superb. Both in macro and micro dynamics. Also, noise free.
  4. Overall: Will use it again!

June 28, 2010 A. Shan [Hong Kong]

Superpower replaced SMPS

A linear power supply with Superpower to replace the switched mode power supply in an Apogee Big Ben

May 18, 2010 Tin Onn Lee [Singapore]

Superpowers wedged into Saturn DAC

Finally got the cd player modded with the superpowers! I am speechless. Really jaw dropping improvement. It's like a thick veil lifted with extended frequencies top and bottom. Music now becomes a lot more intense and emotional and I simply can't stop spinning disc after disc. The extra details that I hear are staggerring!...Once again thanks for all the support you have given and also for coming out with such great product. I am thoroughly impressed! Pictures to come later . Too occupied with music. :-)

May 9, 2010 Michel C. [Montréal Canada]

Thanks for the detailed explanation - I appreciate the good service.

April 15, 2010 A. Shan [Hong Kong]

May I say that your support is second to none. Absolutely first rate. I'm glad that I went with your product.

April 13, 2010 A. Shan [Hong Kong]

It is powering my digital reclocker. There is an improvement in sound (better image/focus, and more detailed)...I'm pleased with it and your service.

April 8, 2010 AV Forums comment

AV Forums comments "I changed the power regulator +5 volts for the DAC section to a Belleson super regulator which cost me about 53 euro shipped from parts connexxion in canada. When i heard it first time with the new regulator i couldnt believe how good the sound was. Instruments more defined, voices also, better soundstage and also the bass. Much more enjoyable."


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  • World's lowest output impedance
  • Superb ripple rejection (135dBV)
  • Instant step response
  • Extreme low noise
  • TO-220 footprint
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  • Variable output 5V to 450V
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