SP 500mA

SP ½A voltage regulators - our first regulator debuted in January 2010. Amazing performance. Order only if you have an existing design that requires SP, otherwise order SPZ, which is the same device with higher current (3A) in a much smaller size to fit existing TO-220 monolithic footprints.

Not available in the store, please contact us at super@belleson.com to order SP78, SP17, SP79.

  • Fixed positive output voltage, +3.3V to +30V available
  • 500mA positive output current
  • <2V drop out at 500mA
  • 110dB ripple rejection at power line frequency
  • <1µV/Vout RMS noise, 20Hz-20kHz
  • <10µsec recovery time for a 1A current step

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